Doggos to pet

5 good doggos to make your day better

Time in means more time patting your dog, right? Even if you’re not a dog owner yet, no one can resist learning about some good bois courtesy of the UTS Dog Society.

1. Teddy

Teddy is a friendly and smiley golden Labrador. He is a complete water baby! He absolutely loves running into puddles at the park, chasing after seagulls at the beach, and loves swimming in the pool! He loves nothing more than being towel dried afterwards! His favourite place to sleep is underneath beds and small coffee tables that he has to crawl under just to fit. His favourite (occasional) treat is getting a whole apple, where he will sit there for hours breaking it into pieces! He makes the best companion and loves to wake you up in the morning by lying on your chest and licking your face.

2. Alba

Alba is 6 months old, very fluffy and an absolute menace! From eating the walls, destroying pillows, and digging big holes, she doesn’t let social distancing impact her busy schedule!

3. Koda

Koda is an 11-week-old Labrador that loves to eat, sleep, play, repeat. When he’s not chewing on your fingers, you can catch him doing zoomies around the house or enjoying a cuddle from mum.

4. Ginger

Ginger is a gorgeous stumpy tail cattle dog cross! She was adopted from the RSPCA and has just turned 7 years old. The only thing she loves more than pats is food! She enjoys long walks and is always up for an adventure. Ginger doesn’t know about the quarantine, but she is loving all the attention she is getting with everyone home!

5. Piper

Piper is a 6 year old Cavoodle. Piper loves walks and human food. She loves humans more than other dogs, she owns her humans - she’s the queen! She knows no boundaries and she loves snuggles.

Need someone to share your cute doggo pics with? Hit up the UTS Dog Society for all things dog pictures, tips and tricks, and maybe even a couple of dog-related movies.

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