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5 live gigs on YouTube to keep you goin’

You may be feelin’ a little low about gigs and events being postponed or cancelled. That’s why we asked our live music fanatics, Get Gigged, to give us their go-to live gigs on YouTube to keep you goin’ in the meantime.

1. Woodkid

Woodkid is a French singer/songwriter/musical genius that has been woven in pop culture and you’ve probably never noticed. From Assassin’s Creed trailers, Divergent films, and many other films and TV shows, you’ve definitely heard him before but not in his full glory. His live sets are visually stunning with audio to match. Having a full orchestra with him, the songs live are completely new masterpieces to the recorded songs and he’ll sometimes step back during the performance to admire the music accompanying him and the audience.

There are two links here, one is for a full set performed in Fourviere in 2014 and the second link is from a more recent playlist with individual songs he performed at the Montreux Jazz festival in 2016. I highly recommend this artist if you’re into more art pop and a full sound behind the vocals. He’s also releasing new music soon!

Watch here: Woodkid live in Fourviere and Woodkid live at Montreux Jazz Festival

2. ZHU

ZHU is an American musician and singer who has been active since the beginning of 2014, you may remember his song Faded? Until mid-2014, ZHU remained anonymous, asking to be judged by his music alone. This set showcases his best mix, plus, is set in a stunning scenic area of Japan. Live music and travel in one.

Watch here: ZHU at Hakuba Iwatake in Nagano, Japan for Cercle

3. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin were at their peak in this video and undoubtedly delivered one of their most iconic performances. According to Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page, the Royal Albert Hall was "at the time the largest and most prestigious gig in London.”

Watch here: Led Zeppelin live at the Royal Albert Hall in London (Jimmy Page’s Birthday)

4. Rage Against The Machine

In late 2009, a successful campaign was launched by Jon Morter to promote an alternative to the omnipresent X-Factor winner being the Christmas #1 in the UK singles chart. The track selected as the alternative was “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine. The band backed the campaign, and donated all proceeds from the sales to charity. Better yet, the lead singer Zack de la Rocha promised that Rage Against The Machine would perform a free concert in the UK to celebrate the achievement and here we are. This performance was the result of the campaign in London’s Finsbury Park on 6 June 2010. A “wish we were there” live gig.

Watch here: Rage Against The Machine live at Finsbury Park

5. Muse

Muse definitely know how to put on a show, and they didn’t disappoint when they performed for a packed crowd at the Rome Olympic Stadium in 2013. Their rock songs and amazing guitar skills will pump you up and you’ll forget about your boredom straight away.

Watch here: Muse live at Rome Olympic Stadium

Bonus: Artic Monkeys

All of us at Get Gigged have a special spot in our hearts for Arctic Monkeys and the sexy voice of Alex Turner. This performance from 2018 has a good mix of their newer works and classics.

If you aren’t familiar with this band, I highly recommend listening to their music. They came in at #3 in the Triple J’s Hottest 100 of the Decade with their hit “Do I Wanna Know?” with other songs in there as well. The band have changed their music so much between their first and most recent albums, progressing from an indie rock band with songs typical of that genre to having concept albums that show Turner’s blooming creativity.

Watch here: Arctic Monkeys live at Voodoo Music Festival

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