5 musicals you need to watch right now

UTS Backstage are our resident theatre society who know a thing or two about putting on an amazing show. We got their top recommendations on musicals you NEED to watch right now.

1. A Very Potter Musical

This musical is a hilarious parody of Harry Potter, and is perfect for anyone looking for a laugh who enjoys the infamous HP series! Check out the sequel and their other musicals as well because let’s be honest, you have the time. They're brilliantly terrible!

Where to watch: Team StarKid on YouTube - Act 1 Part 1

2. Newsies

Disney has shared the official recording of a Broadway production of Newsies the Musical, and it is AWESOME. It's high-energy, the music is incredible, and time will fly as you watch it. It's set in NYC 1899, and is based on the real event that was the Newsboy Strike, so hey, maybe it's educational?

Where to watch: Disney Plus

3. Hairspray

Honestly, a classic. This musical film is the perfect balance between a musical and a movie and is so colourful and funny that you won't be able to stop groovin' as you watch. It's set in the start of the 1960s (Welcome to the 60sssss woah woah woaaahhh - it's golden) and discusses race, sexuality, gender, and more.

Where to watch: Netflix

4. Chicago

The ultimate jazz musical; challenging the patriarchy and definitely challenging social norms in general. It's sexy, it's fun, and it's sure to take you to a whole new world of musical theatre. Think Orange is the New Black, but a little bit more family friendly. Enjoy!

Where to watch: Stan

5. Annie (2014)

If you haven't watched the newest version of Annie, give it a go! It's a fun modern twist on an absolute classic, and stars some incredibly talented kids. The songs are modernised and hiphoppy compared to the originals.

Where to watch: Netflix

Keen to watch with other like-minded musical lovers? UTS Backstage have created a private Facebook Group for all of their members to discuss all things theatre, musicals, and films. Plus, they’ll be hosting “watch parties" so you can make some friends, watch the same musicals together, and have a bunch of others to talk all about it with. BYO snacks!

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