Event Organisers: How Can We help?

Do you need volunteers to help make your events / activities a success?
The Pack is a friendly and hardworking group of students and staff from UTS who have an interest in volunteering for events and activities that help support the local community.
If you think your event could benefit with some volunteers from The Pack, get into contact with us to see how we can help! We support a diverse range of events and activities, and are always excited to try something different. At The Pack we believe that volunteering builds a better community for all, and strongly encourage all to get involved and lend a hand.
What We Provide:
We help support events by searching for volunteers from the UTS community. What we can offer differs depending on if your event is internal or external, but we will always try our hardest to give a helping hand!
Internal Events for UTS

  • Promote the event opportunities to volunteers through our Facebook page and email newsletters.
  • Create an online form for volunteers to register their interest for events
  • Organise shifts for events
  • Liaise with students and event organisers
  • Provide uniform shirts for students to wear to the event
  • Sign volunteers in and out - before / after their shifts
  • Provide students with a letter of appreciation for the event
  • Distribute any incentives you may offer students

External Events

  • Promote the event opportunities to volunteers through our facebook page and email newsletters.
  • Distribute any incentives you may offer students at a later date

Contact Us
If this sounds like something that your event could benefit from please fill the following forms, or email ActivateUTS.thepack@gmail.com to discuss your event needs!

Volunteering Best Practices
If you need more information about Volunteering Standards please click this link.