ActivateUTS - Hit The Play Button

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 12:30

For the past 40 years, UTS Union, has been providing essential services to the UTS community and delivering on our mission “To enrich the UTS community”. Throughout the years the organisation has stood the test of time, seeing many students and staff come and go; and today still provides exceptional services to the entire campus.

Our customers and their needs and wants are changing. The marketplace and our local surrounds are becoming increasingly competitive. The time is ripe for us to make our mark on the UTS (and local) landscape and create a stronger and more visible and contemporary identity, one that speaks to our current and future customers. A brand that will inspire our customers, one that they’ll want to rally behind; a strong brand that will be on campus for future generations of UTS students.

Following extensive research and testing with our customers, UTS Union is excited to announce a fresh new name, look and feel. Today, UTS Union will launch its new brand. The organisation will begin its new life as ActivateUTS. It is important to stress that the company itself has not changed, we have the:

  • Same company
  • Same people
  • Same values
  • Same excellent service
  • Same drive for, and passion about, what we do, and our customers

This new corporate brand will also incorporate new sub-brands (operational brands) that will be more identifiable for our customers:

Ÿ  ActivateEat.Drink – home to all of our food and beverage outlets

Ÿ  ActivateRetail – home to all of our retail outlets

Ÿ  ActivateSport – home to all of our sporting, recreational and gym activities

Ÿ  ActivateSocial – home to all of our clubs, societies and on-campus events and activities

Ÿ  ActivateMarketplace – home to the Level 3 food court area


Over the coming months this brand will be brought to life throughout the campus with changes to some of our outlet names and updating of signage. These new names have been created in line with our new brand; reviving and refreshing our innovative brand.


If you’d like to have a sticky beak at our new brand check out our website

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And remember to hashtag #activateuts

We hope you love our new brand as much as we do.