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Student Services

Assistance for students on low incomes
ActivateUTS understands that many students are on a low income and that even low entry fees can be difficult to manage. We subsidise the entry fees for the City 2 Surf and other major events and activities for students who provide evidence of low income. Centrelink documents or referrals from the Financial Assistance Service in Student Services are the best way to provide evidence of low income. 


Assistance for students with disabilities
ActivateUTS is working to ensure the inclusion of UTS community members who have disabilities or ongoing illnesses in our activities. Perhaps your doctor is encouraging you to join a gym but it's hard to find the funds or time? Why not speak with someone from our office to find out more about how you can be involved and how we can help you. 


For more information contact Student Services directly:

Broadway: 95141177




The following are ActivateUTS Green Initiatives:


Organic and UTZ certified coffee served as standard in all ActivateUTS outlets at no additional cost to customers

Biodegradable and compostable cups and lids are now used in all ActivateUTS outlets.


TAP® Sydney Water provided at all union outlets

There are numerous water stations on all campuses to enable choice, value and convenience to those who choose not to purchase bottled water. Drink at these fountains or refill containers to support the tap® Sydney Water initiative.


Standard seafood service in cafes and eateries sourced from certified sustainable fish stocks

ActivateUTS actively supports sustainable seafood day each year in the concourse cafe.


Incentive program for re-using coffee/tea cups

Ground for good initiative available from cafe outlets - used ground coffee available to customers for re-use.


Free range eggs used in all ActivateUTS outlets


Student Services Amenity Fee (SSAF)

ActivateUTS concentrates on providing services for all students. The introduction of the Student Services and Amenity Fee (SSAF) will ensure that we can expand upon and reintroduce a range of student services. All students will benefit from the SSAF.

Your student services amenity fee contributes in a myriad of ways towards your on-campus experience. Read on to find out more information.


Campus Discounts

To show our support for all students, you will receive a 10% discount across all ActivateUTS food, beverage and retails outlets. Additional funding will enable the extension of operating hours to better cater for the needs of part-time students and students at Kuring-Gai and Markets campuses.

Further to this, subsidies will be offered to sport and recreation students and programs and for subsidized or free events held on campus. This includes:

  • Subsidies for transport and accommodation to University Games and other sporting competitions including snow sports and Twenty20 cricket which will also receive student discounts
  • Recreation activities including skydiving, pole dancing, Hunter Valley trips and dolphin watching with special student prices
  • Weekly events in The Underground and The Loft with free entry including shopping trolley bingo, trivia and live music, movie madness, KebaBBq, On Stage Song competitions and martini’s, manicures and massages
  • Subsidized lunchtime social sport competitions in The Multi Purpose Sports Hall


Clubs and Societies

There are over 100 sporting, social and cultural clubs at UTS and we understand that clubs and societies play an important role in your university experience; they are here to provide you with a healthy balance between study, rest and relaxation while on campus. So as part of the SSAF, current spending on sporting and recreational clubs will be maintained, with some additional programs; 

  • Increased subsidy for UTS athletes competing at University Games.
  • Increased grants for students in the Elite Athlete program.
  • Facilities including The Underground and The Loft are all available for regular meetings and social event bookings.
  • Access to administration support, printing and design services and locker space. 
  • Funding: almost half a million dollars in grants is offered to clubs and societies for functions, merchandise, conferences, competitions, production and capital, which will assist in expanding membership and engage greater numbers of students in your clubs and societies. 
  • Giving students information to help them in their orientation thus improving clubs and society’s ability to reach out to greater student populations, thus increasing membership.


Events and Programs

Weekly events are held in both The Underground and The Loft including trivia and bingo, kebaBBQ and Friday nights are dedicated to clubs.

ActivateUTS further supports annual Band and DJ competitions, University games after parties, environmentally friendly ‘Green Week’ and cultural events like ‘Infusion’.

ActivateUTS supports Eastern and Australian University Games. Contact the Sports Office for more details.

In addition, we have orientation programs for students that are available in both Semester I & II, where students will be shown around campus and given the opportunity to get familiar with the campus and its facilities. 


Grants and Scholarships

Making student life easier is important to us at ActivateUTS. To assist students we aim to promote positive health and welfare of students. Grants for low socioeconomic students to join the ActivateFit on Harris and participate in other external events will be provided.

We will be re-introducing support for students who will represent UTS at international debating competitions.

Supporting artistic activity of students by re-introducing art support and awards is a main priority for the SSAF. Band competitions, DJ competitions and various art competitions will be included.

Grants will additionally be available to clubs and societies, and elite and emerging sportsmen and women will have the opportunity to gain sporting scholarships.


SSAF Funding

Follow the links below to access the ActivateUTS 2014 and 2015 SSAF funding documents

Click here to view the 2015 funding agreement document

Click here to view the 2014 funding review document