Festival Fashion Tips with Get Gigged

As a live music appreciation society, we understand how important it is to look your best at music festivals.
Whether you’re attending for the first time or are a festival veteran, there are so many styles and ways to express yourself outside of
the mosh.

Get Gigged have created this guide to give some options and ideas for how to dress for festivals and hope it inspires you
to get a little extra when we’re finally allowed back out.

Step 1: Funky shoes

Top tip: Don’t wear white shoes. They’ll forever be brown after the festival.

Why not scrap the boring shoes and go for something fun! Colourful shoes with a bit of height can help in the mosh if you’re shorter than everyone else and can really tie the outfit together. If that’s a bit much for you, black boots or sneakers are also a great option and go with almost everything!

Step 2: Accessorise

Forget the clothes for a sec. There are so many accessories that take your look to the next level! Crowns, sunnies, earrings, jackets, bags, whatever else you want! It’s a festival! Go crazy!

Step 3: Add some colour

Bored of seeing everyone in boring colours? Try this 70s inspired look and turn heads when you’re dancing through the festival grounds.

Step 4: Be cool

Not quite out of your emo stage or just love looking tough and cool? Try something like this! A tartan skirt with fake latex bodysuit is an easy combo that can be easily dressed up for something a little extra.

Step 5: Wear a matching set

Minimal effort and maximum impact. Find a fun matching set and style it how you want! You can’t go wrong with this!

Step 6: Stevie Nicks

Feeling funky? Try going for a look that’s smooth and sensual with a flare. This velvet flare bodysuit and kimono is a great combination that’s comfy and looks great!

Step 7: Bum bag

Don’t want to carry a bag? No problem! GET A BUM BAG! A festival essential that can hold your sunscreen, glitter, sunnies, fan and whatever else you need to carry with you. This stylish accessory is one you can’t forget.

Step 8: Bring a friend

Festivals alone are boring so get your mates together and party like there’s no tomorrow! If you’re feeling a little extra, why not get a matching outfit with a friend?

Final step! MERCH!

Support the bands and support Get Gigged! We have new merch available and it is cheap cause we, as struggling uni students, understand the importance of money but also the need to buy all the things so we’ve made that possible! Stickers, guitar picks, shirts and stubby holders are up for sale on our website getgiggeduts.com

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