Student Life

Student life

ActivateUTS creates a vibrant and exciting campus culture that is dedicated to enhancing the UTS community experience.  How do we do this?  We deliver events, activities, clubs and societies, programs and facilities that are fun, engaging, safe and inclusive, ultimately ensuring your time at UTS is fantastic!

Our Community

We deliver one of the most inclusive, safe and engaging campus cultures in the Australian higher education sector; one where students choose UTS because it is ‘the’ community they aspire to belong to.  ActivateUTS is home to over 130 Clubs and Societies, we deliver hundreds of events and activities each year and we facilitate spaces where students can engage and socialise with likeminded individuals and really gain a sense of belonging to their UTS community.

We are committed to helping students who have disabilities, or ongoing illnesses, participate fully in campus life and we provide assistance to students who are living on a low income via Financial Assistance Service in Student Services.

Want Free Stuff?

To support all students and to ‘Keep it on Campus’, we offer a 10% discount at all ActivateUTS food, beverage and retail outlets. Throughout the year ActivateUTS also provides free events, products and services right across campus.


  • ActivateUTS supports a number of green Initiatives, including:
  • Organic and UTZ certified coffee at all ActivateUTS outlets
  • Biodegradable and compostable cups and lids
  • Refillable TAP® Sydney Water at all union outlets
  • Incentives for re-using coffee and tea cups
  • Free range eggs in all ActivateUTS outlets

How do we do this?

Your Student Services and Amenity Fee (SSAF) helps ActivateUTS deliver upon our mission of Enriching the UTS Community. Everyone benefits from the SSAF and we thank you for your contribution to the campus experience.