Student Director Candidates

The following students have nominated to be considered to become a Student Director on the ActivateUTS Board of Directors. Learn more about the Board.

Voting for the ActivateUTS Board of Directors will begin on Tuesday 17 September and will end at 3:00pm on Tuesday 24 September.
To vote, visit the UTS Governance Support Unit, and follow the instructions.

Keep reading to see each candidate’s election statement.

Rachael Chomik

I have worked within the commercial departments of ActivateUTS for almost three years whilst studying a Bachelor of Laws. I am driven, hard-working and passionate, and aim to utilise my interpersonal and academic skills to the benefit of the students.

My experience at ActivateUTS has put me in a unique position, having gained extensive knowledge of ActivateUTS both as a staff member and as a student. This combination will provide valuable insights to the Board. As Chair of ActivateUTS’ WHS Committee, I also have experience in effecting policy and implementing practices.

I am passionate about ActivateUTS and will use my Board position to enhance the student experience by promoting a stronger social sphere with increased events and opportunities.

A positive university experience is invaluable and I will use my knowledge and skills to ensure that we all make the most of our time at UTS.

Mohit Sewani

With the implementation of several significant changes at UTS including the unveiling and inception of UTS Central, the excitement and buzz throughout university definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed. As an international student on a journey to find my way around, I have always had my belief steadfast on the importance of being involved within the wider community – which is precisely what I believe I have been ardent in undertaking. In my endeavors to further promote this idea, I believe I have gained the leadership skilfacels and the knack to connect with students like yourself, to have your voices heard.

After all, don’t we all wish that our favorite burritos from Burrito Bunker and the famous rice bowls from Yatai Ozeki were still with us?

Saif Saeed Almemari

I'm currently in the last semester of my second year, to be honest, I don't have any experience, but I'm willing to try my best to assist students and to listen.

Natasha Valeska

Being a self-driven and ambitious individual, I thrive on opportunities to develop my real estate knowledge as a Property Economics undergraduate. As a proactive team player with a myriad of customer service experience, I am not afraid of succumbing to the pressures that may occur whilst excelling within my role. Over the years, not only have I developed strong communication skills, but I have also delivered key responsibilities within the area of customer relationship management, lease management, and administration. These responsibilities have equipped me with the necessary skills to organize, assist, and deal with affiliated clubs and the wider UTS community. Working as a part of Australia's largest owner and manager of commercial real estate has allowed me to contribute to communities that enable Australian work life to thrive by focusing on the values of accessibility, sustainability and diversity that contribute to continuous improvement required in a successful work culture.

Carisa Mehra

I’m a fellow first-year student, currently studying a business degree, majoring in accounting. But, ActivateUTS is not about your degree, it’s all about creating activities, events and programs for us - something I am incredibly passionate about. I want to assist ActivateUTS in their goal to, "enrich the UTS community", by making societies a place where hopefully any student can feel:

  1. Accepted (no matter your race, gender or sexuality)
  2. Challenged (to step out of your comfort zone and grow into a person you are proud of)
  3. Alive (let’s face it studies, can be pretty draining)

At school, I had the privilege of being SRC Prefect (2017-18), which taught me how to effectively represent your voice. Our time at university whether short or long is ultimately about the memories we make because they last forever. Let’s make these memories together.

Jinang Liu

I’m the Vice President of UTS Insearch Alumni Club and UTS Brand Ambassador. I’m running for ActivateUTS student director. I enjoyed the time I spent working with the university and students, and wish to do more for us. This is my plan for the future:

  1. Professional development workshop and event to help everyone ready for the workplace.
  2. Lower living expenses, by reducing on-campus goods prices (coffee, calculator, food, etc.)
  3. Upgrade elevator system to be more efficient.
  4. More marketing and support to clubs.
  5. Improve study space.

As a current student in UTS, I highly relatable to things that can be improved, and I’ll push to make our uni life better for everyone.

Pavlo Dobronevsky

I have been in Uni for longer than I’d like to admit, I think many of you can relate. Eventually it will be time for me to join the big scary world out there, working 9-5, chasing the Australian Dream. Each year I hear the same complaints; from unresponsive lecturers that reply with snail mail, unorganised subjects to group work with team members waiting for freebies. I’m tired of hearing my friends complaining about it and doing nothing. My New Year’s resolution was to be more proactive and take initiative. So, this time I am following through with it.  I am not going to promise you rainbows and butterflies like other candidates. However, I’ll be completely honest with you. I’ll only promise you that I’ll do the very best I can with conveying our current complaints to the University Committee and implementing a plan for improving them.