Sustainable practices is a high priority for ActivateUTS. As an organisation we care about reducing our impact on the environment and taking a leading role for the community we serve.

We also support a number of positive social responsibility initiatives and activities, which contribute to the greater wellbeing of the UTS community. A few green and positive social initiatives we’ve introduced include:

  • Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee at all ActivateUTS outlets
  • Biodegradable and compostable coffee cups and lids
  • Refillable TAP® Sydney Water options at all ActivateUTS outlets
  • 50c discount incentives for encourage the re-use coffee and tea cups in all ActivateUTS outlets
  • Only Free range eggs used in all ActivateUTS food outlets and the Aerial UTS Function Centre
  • Only Certified sustainable seafood served in ActivateUTS food outlet and the Aerial UTS Function Centre
  • Energy efficient lighting in the cafés
  • We actively support the yearly Sustainable Seafood Day in both the Towers Cafe and Aerial UTS Function Centre

All ActivateUTS retail shops have an extensive range of stationery and paper products made from recycled materials, which are also sourced from sustainable forestry stocks. These include, copy paper, writing pads and lecture pads.

Preference for sustainable suppliers (practices and products)

All ActivateUTS supplier agreements. through the TAG Buying group, now have preferential criteria for companies and products that can demonstrate proactive sustainability initiatives and practices.

Many suppliers provide us with sustainability statements and detailed information on their company production, distribution and management practices as required. We also regularly discuss with supplies new ways and initiatives of our changing market and ways/methods of sustainable practices through the whole supply chain.

Annual Management and Support of the UTS Community ‘Ride to Work Day’

Held every October this event highlights the health and environmental benefits of UTS students and staff riding to work/University.

Support for Oz Harvest waste food redistribution

Any significant prepared-food waste from function or campus events is donated to the Oz Harvest charity. We’re also proud to say that every $1 from every kilogram of coffee purchased by all ActivateUTS commercial outlets is donated to Oz harvest through our coffee supply partnership.

Managed waste streams

All ActivateUTS operations recycle waste in the following ways

  • Plastics (pet), glass, paper, tin and alloy cans are all co-mingle recycled
  • Clean office paper waste is recycled
  • Cardboard (predominately packaging) is separately collected and recycled
  • Waste cooking oil is collected and re used in Bio diesel production
  • General waste is sent to bio-reactor waste site

We promote this via the ActivateUTS website and with clear signage throughout the campus, to help direct students to these services.

Kitchen Production Food waste

All manufacturing food wastes is collected from the Aerial UTS function centre, Towers Café and the B1, L3 Food court tenants for organic waste recycling in the UTS B10 dock. We use anaerobic digestion technology to convert solid and liquid food waste, into a combustible gas similar to natural gas. The digester gas is recovered and used to duel cogeneration engines, which produce green electricity. This electricity is sold into the grid for distribution to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

A by-product of the anaerobic digestion process is a nutrient rich sludge, which is dried and granulated for sale as a fertiliser into the agriculture and horticultural markets. Waste heat from the cogeneration engines is used in the fertiliser drying process and to heat the digesters.