Volunteer with The Pack

The Pack at UTS – Volunteer Program

Keen to volunteer at ActivateUTS events like O’Day and Winterfest? Join The Pack at UTS.

What’s The Pack at UTS? What we do?

The Pack at UTS is a group of UTS students and staff who volunteer at ActivateUTS events held throughout the year. Whether you’re keen to welcome new students at O’Day or help students party safe at O’Fest, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved and earn that good karma.

Why join The Pack at UTS?

Being part of The Pack at UTS and volunteering with us has many benefits, you get to:

  • Make new friends and enjoy your student campus life.
  • Gain practical events experience.
  • Earn points to be redeemed at the end of each year for a range of rewards.
  • Build volunteer hours for your resume.
  • Develop skills that enhance your future employability including leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.


For your dedication and time, you can be rewarded with:

  • Coffee vouchers
  • Movie tickets
  • Food/Drink vouchers to The Underground/The Loft UTS
  • ActivateRetail vouchers
  • Time Zone/Playtime gift cards

How to Join

Contact Details

Need our help? Do you need our help at one of your events? Please email us with as much information about your event as possible. These include, date, time/duration, number of volunteers needed, tasks that require assistance with, etc. Please fill this out a minimum of 10 business days before the event to enable us to reach out to our volunteers and get back to you with an approximate number.

The Pack at UTS Policy

View the UTS Policy here.

In addition to The Pack at UTS Policy, as a member of The Pack at UTS, you are entitled to:

  • Be heard and make suggestions.
  • Work in a healthy and safe environment (refer to NSW Work Health and Safety Act[s])
  • Be supported, guided and respected by The Pack, ActivateUTS team and UTS Community.


For new The Pack members, you will be given a T-Shirt on your first volunteer shift. As a member of The Pack, you are expected to bring your T-Shirt to all volunteer shifts when required.

Redeem rewards

Rewards are to be claimed in the redemption period assigned by an ActivateUTS staff member. All volunteers will be notified at the conclusion of all events when the redemption period is.

Please note: points cannot be rolled over to the next redemption period.

Personal Information

ActivateUTS collects personal information from or about you for the purpose of providing information about its products and services and those of its affiliates.” And “Only collects such information as is reasonable necessary to enable ActivateUTS and affiliates to provide its products and services”.