This is America

USA: Aretha Franklin

This soul singer was an integral part of the civil rights movement of the USA, specifically for black equality. Franklin’s voice is known to have given hope to black Americans. Franklin was given the chance to sing at various historically, politically and nationally recognised important events that further established her cultural importance. If you’re in the mood for some groovy, empowering songs we highly recommend listening to her award-winning music.

USA: Beyoncé

The United States of America is massive, so we’ve included a second artist –the Queen. Beyoncé is someone everyone knows, and for good reason. She was the first coloured woman to headline Coachella and that performance was iconic for more than just that –DESTINY’S CHILD CAME BACK! Anyway, Bey is Queen. That is all.

Canada: Grimes

Grimes is an artist you will not easily forget. Her sound can be described as otherworldly –it’s futuristic, heavily synthesised and her lyrics and songs, especially those of her new album "Miss Anthropocene", are grim and thought provoking.

Jamaica: Bob Marley

In uncertain times like these, music can be a great comfort. There’s something about a reggae groove that heals the soul; the syncopated rhythm, the offbeat guitar, the warm bass that resonates in your chest. Of all the great reggae artists out there, none are more well-known or better loved than Bob Marley.

Cuba: Buena Vista Social Club

This fusion of Latin Jazz and euphoria makes you feel like you are walking down the main streets of Cuba with the sun beating down on your glasses and a bevvie in hand. Buena Vista Social Club did not create their own music, rather they played the songs which Cubans had been playing for decades with the style and energy needed to push Latin American music into the worldwide cultural sphere and are a major reason why we still hear this type of music to this date. Turn the volume up and give them a listen today, you won’t regret it.

Columbia: Shakira

We do not need to say much about this legend. She brought her Columbian style to the world and we’re so thankful to have her music that never fails to make us want to dance. If you haven’t listened to her music, you’ve been missing out.

Puerto Rico: Daddy Yankee

This guy coined the term “Reggaeton” which is a musical style originating in PuertoRico –good dancing music. Daddy Yankee is one of the most prominent Latin American rappers and has a successful career in music, both performance and producing. He’s also done some philanthropy work in causes that better his home country.