UTS Italian Society’s Guide to Using a Cafetiere

Are you missing your daily morning dose of coffee from your favourite café? Are you lacking that caffeine hit that kick starts your day? Let the UTS Italian Society help you make your own cup of espresso to satisfy that craving and get you studying and working at your best! Or watching Netflix for longer, we’re not judging!

It is time to dust off that cafetiere (Bialetti/Moka pot) that is sitting in a cupboard and put it to good use!

Once you have a clean cafetiere, you will need to make sure you have a kettle, espresso coffee beans, a coffee grinder and a stove.

Start by boiling some water; you will only need enough to fill the bottom compartment.

Move onto grinding your coffee beans in the grinder to a consistency that is slightly finer than what you would use for an espresso. This can also be done in a blender or with a mortar & pestle. You may use pre-ground coffee beans; however, we recommend grinding whole coffee beans to produce a more intense brew.

You will need just enough ground coffee beans to completely fill the filter basket. Tap it lightly against a bench to settle the grounds, and level it with your finger.

Pour in the boiled water into the bottom compartment of the cafetiere up to the indicator line, ensuring you do not fill past the pressure valve.

Place the basket inside the water, and screw on the top part of the cafetiere. Be careful – the bottom compartment will be hot, so wrap a towel around it while putting it all together to avoid burning yourself.

Place the cafetiere on the stove on low to medium heat, leaving the lid open so you can see the magic unfold.

Water from the bottom chamber will be forced through the grounds into the top chamber. The stove may be too hot if this coffee is coming through very quickly.

When the top compartment it almost full, the cafetiere will make a gurgling/hissing sound. This is the signal to take it off the heat and close the lid. It’s recommended to wrap the bottom chamber in a wet towel to cool it down, or run it under some cold water. Be careful to not spill the coffee from the top! Cooling down the cafetiere will stop the extraction process, preventing the coffee from becoming too bitter.

Abbiamo Finito! Your steaming coffee is ready!

Serve and enjoy with Nonna!

Do not forget to wash all compartments thoroughly after each use, including the rubber gasket!