Japanese and Australian Student Society

Want to learn Japanese or perhaps refine your basics?
Choose between the Japanese Society’s beginners languages classes or intermediate conversation chats.

Missed a class?

Don't worry, we've got you! We will be storing previous classes on this page so that you can watch them back when you have time.



The Japanese and Australian Student Society have also, very kindly, provided this PDF Worksheet so that you can follow along with the class in your own time.

Interested in Japanese cuisine?

The Japanese and Australian Student Society have brought you their go-to sushi recipe. A refined culinary specialty that truly reflects the perfectionist nature of the Japanese culture it came from.

The Anime Club have made one of Japan’s most famous street foods! It's thought to have originated from the Chinese dish Chow mein, and became a popular fast-food in the outdoor markets that popped up around Japan after the war. In a time when food was harder to come by, the basic and low-priced ingredients needed, and the quick and easy preparation, made Yakisoba perfectly suited for the masses and these markets.