Board and Governance

Structure of the Board

The Board of UTS Union Ltd (Trading as ActivateUTS) is the body responsible for the governance of ActivateUTS and for making policy decisions on all aspects of activities and operations. Under the UTS Union's Constitution, the Board comprises 13 Directors, being:

  • The Chair, who is appointed by the University Council;
  • The Treasurer, who is appointed by the University Council;
  • 1 other Director, who is appointed by the University Council;
  • 2 Staff Directors, who are appointed by the University Council from amongst the staff of the University;
  • 7 Student Directors, who are elected by and from amongst the students of the University;
  • The CEO of ActivateUTS.

All students and University staff are encouraged to take an interest in the affairs of the Union. Elections for student positions on the Board are conducted annually by the University, usually in September, for two-year terms commencing on 7 October. Four Student Directors are elected in even-numbered years and three Student Directors are elected in odd-numbered years. Staff Directors with the skills and experience considered necessary by the University Council are appointed for a two-year term commencing on 7 October. One Staff Director is appointed in each year.

The Board meets monthly except December and January.

For further information on the Union Board and the role and responsibilities of Board members, please contact the Union Office on Level 16 of the Tower Building, Broadway Campus, telephone 9514 1642, email:

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