Student Elections 2017

Nominate Now

If you have ever thought about sitting as a Student Director on the ActivateUTS board, then now is your opportunity to nominate and help contribute to the UTS and wider community.  Nominations can be made by clicking here:

Nominations remain open until 3.00pm on Tuesday, 22nd August.

Voting opens on Tuesday, 5th of September until 3.00pm on Tuesday, 12th of September

About ActivateUTS

ActivateUTS is a non-profit organisation that was established over 40 years ago. ActivateUTS is a key strategic partner of the University and primarily a student-centered organisation that caters for the whole UTS community, with a particular focus on the provision of programs that complement the learning and development outcomes of the University. This community includes past, present and future students, university academic and professional staff, ActivateUTS workforce (staff, volunteers, board members and club administrators), as well as the broader public and present community who we service and interact with.

ActivateUTS is committed to:

  • Utilising Student Services and Amenities Fee (SAAF) funding to benefit all members of the UTS student community
  • Actively engaging with students on a number of levels to enhance their university experience
  • Providing services and activities for students that are relevant
  • Supporting the University’s strategic vision and objectives through our ongoing and mutually beneficial partnerships; and
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement and organisational sustainability.

About the Board

  • The Board of ActivateUTS is the body responsible for setting and delivering upon the strategic direction of the Company
  • Ensuring strong and sound governance and
  • Making policy decision on all aspects of activities and operations.


Elections for student positions on the board are conducted annually by the University.  Four student directors are elected in even-numbered years and three student directors are elected in odd-numbered years.  Staff directors with the skills and experience considered necessary by the University Council are appointed for a two-year term.

Affirmative Action

ActivateUTS is committed to advancing gender equality.  In 2016, the UTS Council approved changes to the ActivateUTS constitution to implement affirmative action. 

This means that:

  • In even-numbered years where 4 student directors are elected, at least 2 elected students shall be female
  • In odd-numbered years where 3 student directors are elected, at least 1 elected student shall be female

ActivateUTS constitution

Click here is if you would like to read the ActivateUTS constitution.