Built Environment Association

Built Environment Association


Joining fee:
$15.00 per year - Students
$15.00 per year - Staff
$35.00 per year - Public

The Built Environment Association exists to support the professional and personal development of students in the Design, Architecture and Building faculty. We want to create a community of passionate, motivated, and driven students who seek to positively impact and innovate our Built Environment. We do this by providing a range of networking and development opportunities with industry associates through events such as seminars, workshops, mentoring programs, practical work experience opportunities, site visits and office tours.

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Club details

Email: bea@activateuts.com.au

Upcoming Events:

Website: builtenvironmentassociation.com.au
Facebook: /builtenvironmentassociation
BEA UTS Forum: /groups/utsbeaforum
LinkedIn: /builtenvironmentassociation/
Instagram: /builtenvironmentassociation/

Club memberships are valid until the 31st December of the year of purchase.  

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