Built Environment Association

Built Environment Association


Joining fee:
$15.00 per year - Students
$15.00 per year - Staff
$35.00 per year - Public

The Built Environment Association exists to support the professional and personal development of students in the Design, Architecture and Building faculty. We want to create a community of passionate, motivated, and driven students who seek to positively impact and innovate our Built Environment. We do this by providing a range of networking and development opportunities with industry associates through events such as seminars, workshops, mentoring programs, practical work experience opportunities, site visits and office tours.

The concept of creativity and innovation will be integrated into everything that we do because we want to push boundaries. The association is founded by the passionate students, for the students based on building cohesion within and across cohorts. With these founding principles, we also offer various social events for peers and professionals alike to gather, meet and build strong connections through great experiences.

Club details

Email: bea@activateuts.com.au

Club memberships are valid until the 31st December of the year of purchase.  

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