UTS Cloud Society

Cloud Society


Joining fee:
$5.00 per year - Students
$5.00 per year - Staff
$25.00 per year - Public

Cloud Society is a student-run, non-commercial cloud computing platform. Our mission is to educate and make Cloud Computing more accessible to students in both the technical and affordability aspects at UTS. Cloud Society empowers young professionals and cooperates with companies at the forefront of the industry to provide practical opportunities for UTS students through workshops and events so that they can experience cloud computing at its best.

Club details

Email:  utscloud@activateuts.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/utscloudcomputing
Instagram: instagram.com/utscloudcomputing/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/uts-cloud-society

Club memberships are valid until the 31st December of the year of purchase.  

Each club is affiliated with ActivateUTS and is bound by the ActivateUTS Clubs Code Of Conduct.