Cyber Security Society


Joining fee:
$5.00 per year - Students
$5.00 per year - Staff
$25.00 per year - Public

The Cyber Security Society (CSEC) strives to promote cyber security at UTS by helping its students become aware of the importance of cyberspace in response to the world’s increasing reliance on technology and data.

Students are given ample opportunities and resources to learn about varying concepts in cyber security regardless of their skill and knowledge; they are encouraged to develop their competence in cyber security through the promotion of teamwork, collaboration and the mutual respect for each other within the community.

Club details

Instagram: @uts_csec
Twitter: @utscsec

Club memberships are valid until the 31st December of the year of purchase.

Each club is affiliated with ActivateUTS and is bound by the ActivateUTS Clubs Code Of Conduct.