Fashion Ethics and Sustainability Society

Fashion Ethics and Sustainability Society


Joining fee:
$5.00 per year - Students
$5.00 per year - Staff
$25.00 per year - Public

This society will focus on fashion sustainability from an environmental perspective. This will include hearing from industry professionals about the topic, learning about waste in the industry, doing market stalls/clothing swaps/group thrifting, and many more events.

The society will also focus on the ethics of the fashion industry and the advocacy surrounding these issues. This section will include learning about sweatshops, production, wages, inequality in the industry. This will be done through movie nights on these topics, hearing from industry professionals, discussions, and finding ways to take a stand against these issues.

These topics are not widely enough spoken or learned about and this society will advocate and speak out about these issues. We aim to include every type of person, not just fashion design students and through that learn from each other on how we as individuals can better the fashion industry.

This society aims to bring like-minded people together to engage in discussions on these topics, coming up with solutions but also just socializing and having a good time.

Club details

Instagram: @fess.uts

Club memberships are valid until the 31st December of the year of purchase.  

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