Target Rifle

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This is an independent club. UTS students & staff and general public are welcome. Visit their website to find out more.
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UTS Target Rifle Club provides members of all skill levels to practice and compete in Fullbore Target Rifle. In this discipline, the distance ranges from 300m to 1000m, hitting a bullseye with open sights and becoming reliant on skill, practice and concentration.

The club is currently home to many Australian U25 representative athletes who are all eager to help new competitors achieve their best. With training every Saturday and lots of club gear available there no excuse not to make a trip out to the ANZAC Rifle Range and send some projectiles flying with the UTS Target Rifle Club.

Always wanted to try rifle shooting? We have just the thing for you! Let us know you are keen and you can come down and try it out with our experienced shooters. For more information on how to do this, get in contact.

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