Youth for Christ

Youth For Christ (YFC UTS)


Joining fee:
$5.00 per year - Students
$5.00 per year - Staff
$25.00 per year - Public

YFC UTS caters to students currently studying at university or other equivalents, as well as those who have recently finished their secondary education. To be effective in its evangelization efforts, YFC UTS seeks to provide (a) a point of conversion / reconversion where a young person can grow as man or woman of God and be encouraged to take responsibility and gain leadership as they lead others to God as well; and (b) a program that accepts the vibrancy, energy, dynamism and free-spirit of the youth, and strives to re-channel this youthful spirit for use in the mission of building God’s kingdom in their homes and campuses.

Club details

Instagram: @yfccampusbasedaus
Facebook closed group: YFC UTS Campus Based