Eco Week


As we reset our clocks for summer, let’s make time to celebrate the (many) small ways to eco-friendly our everyday.

You can choose from crafting our own market-ready tote with a pro screen-printer, whipping up tasty plant-based meals alongside a vegan chef, to re-purposing everyday things into a zen-friendly terrarium. Or better yet, why not register for them all!

The events are held over four days (post October long weekend), so get ready to get re-using, reducing and (occasionally) substituting steak for shrooms.

Over the week we’ll also celebrate ‘Walk and Ride Week’, in collaboration with UTS Sustainability and UTS Health and Wellbeing, where we can band together (in spirit this year, a-la social distancing) to reduce our carbon footprint by walking and riding to uni or around our local.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spots below: