DJ Comp Event

UTS DJ Comp 2018

Thursday 2 August, 5:00 – 10:00pm

Sorry, there are no more spots available for this event.

Do you think you can mix better than the big named DJs? Kick off your DJ future by joining the UTS DJ Comp this year. Compete with your fellow UTS Disc Jockeys for these awesome prizes.

Competition is on during Clubs Day, August 2, but Entries close July 30.

1st Prize

The winner of UTS DJ Comp will receive a $500AUD gift voucher from StoreDJ, DJ sets at Summerfest 2019 (March 2019) on MAIN STAGE, and for the first time ever, ActivateUTS have partnered up with YOUR SHOT. The lucky winner will also win a wild card entry spot in the nationwide DJ competition YOUR SHOT 2019.

2nd Prize

A pair of Seinheisser HD-25 Headphones valued to $250AUD. The best DJ Heaphones out AND a chance to warm up the main stage at Summerfest 2019.

3rd Prize

A $100AUD beatport voucher to complete your music library!
Hurry up and register! Registrations close on Monday 30 July.

See you at the decks.

Terms and conditions

  1. All DJs participating must be a current UTS Student. This is including participates in a DJ Duo or more.
  2. DJs may enter the competition at one campus only. If the DJ is found to have entered the competition at more than one campus (even under different names) he or she will be disqualified.
  3. DJs must not request any other equipment and use what the Loft UTS has already. 2 x CDJ 2000s and 1 x DJM 900.
  4. It is up to the DJ to make sure he or she is informed and aware of the set times and all relevant terms and conditions. All information regarding set times will be sent the week of the competition.
  5. DJs may not incorporate live equipment, sampling, pre-records, hybrid software etc. DJs must mix live, and may not use automated mixing technology.
  6. Prizes must be taken as offered.
  7. You can exchange any of the prizes for money or anything else.
  8. 1st Prize winner will receive a wild card entry to YOUR SHOT 2019 final weekend. ActivateUTS will handover 1st prize winner contact information to the YOUR SHOT team. It is the winner’s responsibility to be available for the YOUR SHOT finals which will most likely be on the weekend at the end of July in 2019. Dates to be fully confirmed in due course.
  9. If the 1st Prize winner is not available to compete in the YOUR SHOT finals as a Wild card entry, 2nd runner up will then step into this role. If 2nd runner up is unable to compete, then 3rd runner up will then step into this role. If 3rd runner up is unable to compete, the DJ competitor next in line to compete at YOUR SHOT 2019 will be the runner up to 3rd place as per their points given at the UTS DJ Comp 2018 and so on and so forth.
  10. The decision of the judges is final.
  11. The judging criteria used will be as per below requirements:
    Judging Guidelines
    Originality of Mix
    Stage presence
    Transition and Level control
    Performance Skills / Technical Ability
    Audience Response
  12. All DJs must play up to 15 minute mixes and will be timed on the night.

Acknowledgement of Risk: By participating in the ActivateUTS Recreation Trips and Activities, you will be doing so by personal choice and at your own risk. You accept that ActivateUTS, its Board or its officers shall not be held liable to any extent whatsoever for any injuries or damages sustained by you arising out of or in connection with your participation in the proposed activity.