ActivateUTS Club Awards 2020

Shortlisted Entries and Winners

The shortlisted entries for the 2020 ActivateUTS Club Awards are up! Winners for each award will be announced at the live broadcast on the ActivateUTS Facebook on Friday, 20 November at 3pm.


Club of the Year - The biggest of them all; awarded to the all-rounder.

Shortlisted entries:

  • UTS Tech Society - WINNER
  • Forensic Science Society
  • UTS Consulting Club

Executive of the Year - Our country’s future leader.

Shortlisted entries:

  • Madeline Armstrong – President, UTS Medical and Health Society - WINNER
  • Amara Tut – President, UTS Tech Society
  • Zoe Maynier - Events Director – Forensic Science Society

Rookie of the Year - Recognising the efforts of the new kids on the block.

Shortlisted entries:

  • Dance Society UTS - WINNER
  • Get Gigged
  • International Student Finance Club (ISFC)

The winners of the following awards will be announced at the live broadcast.

Ultimate Team Player
Looking for a champion who’s donated their time to help with ActivateUTS programs and initiatives.

Winner: Ruby Hartley, Social Justice Director, UTS Society of Communications

Best Iso Event
Pulling off an event during a pandemic is tough. But this club knew how to get it done.

Winner: UTS Quidditch Society

Best Team Spirit
This club doesn’t let anything get in their way.

Winner: UTS Consulting Club

Best Merch
We’re looking for the latest trend setters.

Winner: Get Gigged

The Underdogs
This one’s for the small clubs with a big drive.

Winner: MuscUTS

The Contributor
Collaborating with other clubs and societies is what we’re all about.

Winner: anime@UTS

The Game Changer
Recognising the outstanding efforts of our social justice warriors.

Winner: The Big Lift

Acing Admin
Because we appreciate timely and ongoing communication.

Winner: UTS Consulting Club

The Social Influencer
Content is king. And this award winner has taken the crown.

Winner: UTS Society of Communications