Clubs and Societies Week

Wednesday 20 March – Friday 22 March, 11:00am – 2:00pm
UTS Building 1, Level 3 Concourse & Alumni Green

For more information, see below.

ActivateUTS has over 130 clubs and societies where like-minded students meet, socialise and contribute to the UTS community.

Clubs and societies are an exciting way to meet new people and enhance your UTS experience! If you missed out on attending O’Day, or just want to find out what clubs and societies are available, then visit Building 1, Level 3 and Alumni Green during Clubs and Societies Week, and meet the clubs and societies that are available to you on campus.

During Clubs and Societies Week, the following clubs will be available to chat to:

Wednesday, 20 March
The BIG Lift (TBL)
Red Cross Society
Society of Communications (UTSoC)
Tech Society
Out of the Box

Thursday 21 March
Celebrate the rich cultural diversity at UTS through cultural performances and multi-cultural foods.
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
Bangladeshi Society
Pakistan Society
Indonesian Student Association (PPIA)
Thai Society

Friday 22 March
Kung Fu Club
Catholic Society
Chess Club
EGG: The Gamers Guild
Music Society (MuscUTS)
Drawing Circle
Food Appreciation

To view the full list of ActivateUTS clubs and societies, click here.