Discover: Sydney Opera House Tour

Wednesday 24 July, 11:15am – 2:30pm
Meet outside ActivateSocial office – Building 1, Level 3 (opposite Towers Café)

Sorry, there are no spaces available left in this competition.

The Sydney Opera House is one of Sydney's most famous landmarks and on this tour you'll get to see it in a whole new way.

The Opera House inspires more than 8 million people from around the world to visit annually to attend performances or take photos in front of its instantly recognisable 'sails'. You'll get to experience the history and beauty of Australia's most recognisable attraction in a guided tour led by the friendly staff of the Sydney Opera House.

Positioned in Sydney Harbour, you'll get to take some of your own internationally-famous selfies, as well as learn more about the cultural history of this international landmark.

Important Information

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes.

What to bring?

Bring your UTS student ID card, water, sun protection, money for food and drinks, and an Opal card for public transport.

Running Late or Lost?

If you are late to this event or lost, please message us on the Discover Sydney with ActivateSocial Facebook page, or contact ActivateHQ on 02 9514 1140.


Please meet outside the ActivateSocial office - Building 1, Level 3 (opposite Towers Café) and we will travel to the Opera House as a group.

Getting Home

After the event you can stay in the area or make your own way home. You can plan your trip here:

Terms and Conditions

  • No transfers or refunds
  • 1 ticket per person
  • On-selling of tickets is prohibited
  • Current UTS students only
  • Must agree to acknowledgement of risk
    • By participating in the ActivateUTS Recreation Trips and Activities, you will be doing so by personal choice and at your own risk. You accept that ActivateUTS, its Board or its officers shall not be held liable to any extent whatsoever for any injuries or damages sustained by you arising out of or in connection with your participation in the proposed activity.
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