Meet and Eat with Motorsports Society and Robotics Society

Meet and Eat with RoboSoc and Motorsports Society

Wednesday 5 May, 12:00 – 2:00pm
Student Learning Hub
UTS Central (Building 2), Level 4

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Ever wanted to experience what it's like inside a Formula 1 race car or verse a friend in interactive soccer... using robots?

Well, this what the Motorsports Society and the Robotics Society (RoboSoc) are all about. They'll be hosting the next Meet and Eat with a tonne of exciting things to expect! Think racecar simulator, robosoccer, chill around and watch the Formula 1 race while you snack on free sausage rolls and mixed sliders. Don't forget to grab a can of Red Bull while you're there for a thrill.

Join us on Wed 5 May at the Student Learning Hub (L4, UTS Central), it's your chance to meet the clubs and learn what they're all about! The event is for everyone, so you don't have to be a club member.

The Motorsports Society was created with all types of fans in mind - whether you work on race cars on the weekends, or just like to watch Formula One on tv, you'll be right at home. While RoboSoc is your friendly and social club that allows anyone with an interest in robots to participate in building and learning about Robotics.