Board elections

Become an ActivateUTS Student Director

Tuesday 13 August – Tuesday 27 August, 9:00am – 5:00pm

For more information, see below.

Thank you for your interest. Nominations are now closed.

Gain invaluable experience as a student director of ActivateUTS and have your opinions heard.

As a Student Director on the ActivateUTS Board, you’ll be given the opportunity to have your voice heard and assist with positive change in the UTS community. As a Student Director, you will:

  • represent the student voice at various ActivateUTS planning meetings
  • attend board meetings with senior staff, where your thoughts on strategic initiatives will be heard
  • be involved with committees that meet your areas of interest, which will enable you to gain experience in a specific area
  • gain new skills, including the essential soft skills sought out by employers
  • network with UTS senior management

As a member of the ActivateUTS Board you’ll also learn about the ActivateUTS constitution and will represent the opinions of your student peers in multiple areas.

The ActivateUTS Board consists the ActivateUTS CEO, Board Chair, Treasurer, three Staff Directors and seven Student Directors. Meet the current Board Directors.

Election of Student Directors is managed by the UTS Governance Support Unit. Visit their website for more information on the election process.


Nominations for the ActivateUTS Board of Directors are now open, and close 3pm Tuesday 27 August.

Please click here and complete the nomination form. The instructions to submit your nomination are on the bottom of the form.

Information Session

To nominate for the ActivateUTS Board of Directors, you must be a currently enrolled UTS Student and adhere to the rules and regulations as advised by UTS Governance Support Unit.

ActivateUTS Board Directors are not able to serve on the UTS Student Association Board at the same time. If you intend to run for the SA elections, you will be ineligible to serve on the ActivateUTS Board due to a conflict of interest.

ActivateUTS Board Directors serve a 2 year term. If you expect to finish your degree in the next 12 months, you should not run for election.


Voting for the ActivateUTS Board of Directors begins on Tuesday 17 September and ends on Tuesday 24 September.


Successful candidates will be announced at a Student Election After Party.

  • Where: The Loft UTS
  • When: Tuesday 24 September, 6pm

Other information

There is a compulsory information session for nominating students.

  • Where: Aerial UTS Function Centre
  • When: Wednesday 4 September