UTS Talent Quest

This July, ActivateUTS is on the hunt for UTS’ best talent act.

There are no limitations to what’s allowed, so set your imagination free. From juggling, trick shots, to TikTok trends, we want to see fun, ambitious and unique talents.

All UTS and UTS Insearch students are eligible to enter either as an individual, group or on behalf of a club or society.

Prizes up for grabs

  • First prize - $1000 gift card
  • Second prize - $500 gift card
  • Third prize - $250 gift card
  • Fan Favourite - $250 gift card

So, do you have what it takes?

Ready to enter? Submit your entry here.

Otherwise, keep on scrolling for more information. Entries close at 5pm on Monday 20 July.

Step 1: Film your talent in video format (Note, video must be between 20 to 90 seconds long and max file size is 1GB).

Step 2: Complete your submission via the Google Form by 5pm, Monday, 20 July.

Step 3: You’re done! We’ll share the shortlisted entries on the ActivateUTS Facebook page on Monday, 27 July. All shortlisted entries will be contacted.

To submit your entry to the UTS Talent Quest, fill out the submission form and upload your video.

Once you've submitted your entry, head to the UTS Talent Quest's Facebook event page for updates.

There’ll be six judges judging all submissions. The submission with the most points out of a total of 120, after the judge’s tally, wins. Judging will be based on the following:

  • Originality (uniqueness, creativity, ability)
  • Entertainment value (engaging, fun, captivating)
  • Presence (confidence, energy, passion)
  • Overall performance (technique, poise, appropriateness)

The top 10 entries will be shortlisted and posted on the ActivateUTS Facebook page to determine the Fan Favourite award. The submission with the most likes will be determined the winner.

The judges will announce the top three entries on Friday 31 July.

Let’s meet your judges.

Becky Chea, President of ActivateUTS Board

Between studying a double degree in Business and Law and acting as President of the ActivateUTS Board, Becky plays the ukulele and dances hip hop. Becky’s most looking forward to seeing a diverse range of talents so think unique.

Rachael Chomik, Vice President of ActivateUTS Board

Her love for drama, dance, acrobatics, and singing makes Rachel a performing arts student at heart. In her final year of Drama at high school, Rachel received an OnSTAGE nomination for her performances. It’s easy to say that Rachel is one judge you’d want to impress.

Mohit Sewani, Student Board Director of ActivateUTS Board

From self-proclaimed table tennis top dog to staring contest champ, Mohit is the all-around star. He’s thrilled to witness the all-round display of talent we have here at UTS. Think out of the box and set yourself apart. Good luck!

Kerim Col, President of Comedy, Revue and Performance (CRAP) Society

He can wiggle to the beat, act, and has a good eye for who should win $1000. President of the Comedy, Revue and Performance Society, Kerim, wants to see talented, brilliant, never the same, totally unique, and never been done before talents. You’ve got this!

Roxanne Nguyen, President of KPOP Society

Need some inspo for your entry? Just ask Roxanne. She can balance eight eggs on her hands backwards (perks of being double jointed) and is a violinist. She’s looking forward to seeing your originality and the talents our community has to offer.

Sarah Schofield, President of UTS Backstage

She’s performed in 13 musicals and many more plays so it’s fair to say that Sarah knows a thing or two about entertainment. Sarah’s excited to see how you put on a full show. Think costumes, personality and entertainment.

Who is eligible to enter?

All current UTS and UTS Insearch (domestic and international) students are eligible to enter.

When do I need to enter by?

Entries for the UTS Talent Quest close at 5pm on Monday 20 July.

Can I add more info or make edits to my submission?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make edits to your submission once it’s been submitted via the Google form. We encourage you to triple check your submission before clicking ‘Submit’.

Is there a file size limit to uploading my video?

Yes. The file size limit for videos is 1GB.

How do I win the Fan Favourite award?

Shortlisted entries will be shared on the ActivateUTS Facebook page on Monday 27 July. Voting will remain open until 12pm, Friday 31 July. The winner of the Fan Favourite award will be based on the submission with the most likes.

Can I submit an entry multiple times?

Participants can only submit one entry. If multiple entries are submitted per participant, only one entry will be considered.

  • Applicants must be 18 years or over.
  • Participants can only submit one entry each. If multiple entries are submitted per participant, only one entry will be considered.
  • The UTS Talent Quest is a UTS community event. All acts, performances, and attire must be appropriate for all ages. Entrants who fail to respect these guidelines will be disqualified.
  • A variety of entertainment is encouraged – singing, magic tricks, juggling, playing a musical instrument(s), sport trick shots, or any other unique talents.
  • All entrants must be current UTS and UTS Insearch (domestic and international) students.
  • Performances may be individuals, groups or from a club or society.
  • Animal performances are not allowed.
  • All performances must not be longer than 90 seconds. Performances over 90 seconds will be disqualified.
  • One prize will be awarded for first, second and third place whether it is an individual, group or from a club or society. Prize vouchers will be as follows: 1st place - $1000, 2nd place - $500, 3rd place - $250, and Fan Favourite award - $250.
  • Winners will be contacted with prize information by Tuesday 4 August.
  • By participating in this ActivateUTS event, you will be doing so by personal choice and at your own risk. You accept that ActivateUTS, its Board or its officers shall not be held liable to any extent whatsoever for any injuries or damages sustained by you arising out of or in connection with your participation in the proposed activity
  • Participants are bound by UTS policies, ActivateUTS policies, and any relevant state and/or national legislation.
  • By entering in this contest, you agree for your submission to be shared on ActivateUTS, UTS Sport and UTS social media channels for promotional purposes.