Intervarsity Clashes, Netball. LIVE

UTS vs UNSW Netball LIVE

Tuesday 22 September, 11:30am – 3:00pm
UTS Sport Facebook Page
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With the National University Championships postponed for 2020, UTS Sport are keeping their intervarsity clashes local.

The UTS Netball Club is going head to head with rivals, Arc Sport UNSW in a three-part netball series.

What’s better? We’re live streaming the final games to your nearest device, so you don’t miss a point.

On 22 September, (virtually) support our netball superstars as they fight to win the championship title.

At the time of the event, head to the UTS Sport Facebook page to watch the livestream.

They come from every corner of the University, from every imaginable netball background, but together in teal they are unstoppable.