Making online easier

How to join a club online

Joining clubs online has many benefits, so we've listed just a few:

  1. Students, staff and the public can join clubs online
  2. You can join multiple clubs in one transaction, by adding them to your shopping cart
  3. Payments accepted: paypal, debit card, credit card (no cash will be accepted)
  4. Club memberships will appear in your online profile (can be a 15minute delay)
  5. You cannot join on behalf of someone else, only join yourself to a club
  6. Member's details are securely stored and administered

How to join a club: step 1

How to join a club: step 1

How to join a club: step 1

How to join a club: step 2

How to join a club: step 1

How to join a club: step 3

Here are just a few of the things you can now do on your mobile:

  • Join clubs and societies online - no more waiting in long queues to join on O'Day
  • Buy tickets and gain entry to events on your phone using barcode scanning
  • Hire lockers online
  • Exclusive promotions and loads of freebies for registered members (no joining fee)
  • A safe, secure profile hub - everything saved in one place
    • Join The Pack volunteer program from your profile
    • Tell us your social sports, competition sport and fitness interests and our sports guru's will contact you
  • Secure PayPal and credit card online shopping

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Features and a few helpful tips

As your feedback comes in we'll keep updating helpful tips

Register for benefits and promotion

Why stay logged in?
To experience the best ActivateUTS has to offer, get free offers and promotions you must be registered and logged in.

Here’s an example: On O’Day we’re giving new students the chance to score a new backpack filled with free goodies. However, to get yours, you’ve got to be registered and keep your eye on the homepage. On O’Day a backpack promo notification will be sent to your phone, the first 5,000 students can claim a backpack.

Student and Staff ID

You will never see your student number in your website profile. UTS seamlessly verify you are a current student during registration on This also applies to UTS staff and ActivateUTS staff.

Exclusive tickets and discount pricing

Clubs and societies, events, lockers and some merchandise have special student pricing which is different from staff and the public.
A good example is a student can buy their own event ticket using the ‘Bye Now’ button which reduces the number of taps/clicks. These exclusive tickets by-pass the shopping cart, so if you have any items in the shopping cart you can go back and buy them later.

Sporting Interests

If you’re interested in joining the gym, social sports, or would like to find out about the Australian University Games or Australian University Championships, just tick the boxes in your profile and our sports gurus will get in touch with you.

The Pack – Volunteer Program

It’s a brilliant student program that’s fun and rewarding. If it wasn’t for The Pack many ActivateUTS events and activities wouldn’t happen. Read their Terms and Conditions and tell us your t-shirt size and we’ll contact you.