UTS Building 11 Locker Hire

Locker Hire – UTS Building 11

Small locker: 45cm x 40cm x 33cm
Large locker: 45cm x 85cm x 33cm

UTS Building 11 - Small: $20 - Staff and Student
UTS Building 11 - Large: $30 - Staff and Student
Spring Locker Hire commences on Monday 27 July 2020 and ends Friday 9 November 2020

  • Building 11 lockers are operated using an electronic PIN code
  • The lockers are accessible based on the UTS Building 11 operating hours:


  • The $10 security deposit is included in the locker price
  • Maximum two (2) lockers per individual
  • Please wait 3-4 business days to receive your locker hire details in your provided email

Terms and Conditions

1. Storage
1a) Storage of any items in the locker is done at the hirer’s own risk
1b) ActivateUTS/ActivateSocial will not accept liability for theft, loss or damage of items stored in the lockers
1c) Storage of goods of an illegal or hazardous nature, offensive odour or perishable nature is prohibited. This includes any and all food and drink items, even in cans / bottles. Storage of such items in a locker can cause the hirer to have their locker hire revoked without compensation of funds.
1d) Lockers must be kept in good, clean condition. Damage to the lockers must be reported immediately to potentially avoid incurring a penalty.
1e) When a locker hire period comes to an end, the hirer agrees to empty, thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire area of the locker.

2. Hire Periods
2a) Lockers are to be used only in the period of hire, and all items must be removed by the dates given by ActivateUTS/ActivateSocial.
2b) Items remaining in the lockers after the hire period will be removed and stored at the ActivateUTS/ActivateSocial office for no more than two (2) weeks before being discarded.
2c) ActivateUTS takes no responsibility for lost, misplaced or stolen items after they are removed from a locker that has its hire period lapsed.
2d) It is the responsibility of the hirer to locate and collect their items before they are discarded. 
2e) It is the responsibility of the hirer to remember and record when their hire period has elapsed.

3. Locks and PIN Codes
3a) If a lock and key are supplied they must be used on the locker. No personal locks are to be used. Personal locks may be cut off at any point in time, without reimbursement by ActivateUTS/ActivateSocial. Items remaining in the locker after a personal lock has been removed, is at the risk of the hirer.
3b) Duplication of keys are prohibited with locks provided by ActivateUTS/Activate Social.
3c) The provided lock and key must be returned in working order before the end of the hire period.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of the deposit fee.
3d) Sharing lockers is permitted however only the hirer can get replacement keys and receive the deposit refund. Locks with a pin will not have the pin released to anyone other than the original hirer.
3e) Remembering and correctly locking a pin activated locker is the sole responsibility of the hirer. The hirer will have 3 pin resets for free, and then be required to pay $2 per reset thereafter or submit a gold coin donation to charity per re-set. The payment form is at the decision of Activate Social staff.

4. Security Deposit and Booking Fee
4a) A $10 security deposit is included in the locker hire which will be refunded upon return of receipt and clearing of locker contents in accordance with 1e.
4b) This deposit may be refunded up to one (1) week after the conclusion of the respective hire period.
4c) Breaching the Terms and Conditions of hire forfeits the Security Deposit.
4d) An additional non-refundable booking fee will be charged.
4e) Collection of the Security Deposit before the end of the Hire Period concludes the hire.

5. Identification and Usage
5a) Only UTS Students and UTS Staff are eligible to hire a locker with ActivateUTS/ActivateSocial.

5b) A valid form of identification must be presented at ActivateHQ in order to conclude the locker hire and receive the $10 security deposit. This includes UTS Student ID, UTS Staff ID, driver’s license or passport.