The UTS Fencing club is a very successful club with club members representing Australia at Commonwealth, National and State competitions. The club offers training in all three weapons of fencing - foil, epee and sabre. The club is home to international standard coaches and fencers from all skill levels. Whether you are looking to fence for fun, or take up competitive fencing, the UTS Fencing club welcomes you.
For those who wish to learn the sport, the club offers Beginner and Intermediate Fencing programs. The UTS Fencing club also provides a scholarship program to UTS students that compete at a high level of fencing. To get more information on this program please contact the club directly. Students of UTS can also participate in social events held throughout the year, such as at AUGs and EUGs. These events not only provide you with the opportunity to meet fellow UTS students, but also socialise with students from other universities.
If you would like to find out more information, please visit:
Web: www.utsfencing.com or
Email: contactus@utsfencing.com
Alternatively, you can contact Fudge at the UTS sports office on 9514 1891.