Elite Athlete Program

Over the years, UTS Sport has supported Olympians, World and National Champions and National and State level representatives, annually providing support to over 300 athletes across over 45 different sports.

Following the principles of the Elite Athlete Education Network, our program has an overriding objective to assist our student athletes in combining high-performance sport and a tertiary education. In order to assist students with this balancing act, a number of programs have been established by ActivateUTS via UTS Sport providing support to high achievers in a wide range of sporting pursuits through the UTS Elite Athlete Program (UTS EAP).

The UTS Elite Athlete Program encompasses the following programs to support athletes;

  • Elite Athlete Program
  • Emerging Athlete Program
  • High Performance Program
  • Nationals Scholarship Program

All applicants need only to complete one general application for the UTS EAP.

If you are an elite athlete wanting to find the perfect balance to achieve your academic and sporting goals, then the UTS EAP is for you.

Read more below to learn more about the program. Alternatively please contact uts.eap@uts.edu.au or call 02 9514 1454 to speak to our UTS Sport staff.

Important Dates


28 June UTS Elite Athlete Program Mid-Year Scholarship Applications for existing students OPEN.
9 July UTS Elite Athlete Program Mid-Year Scholarship Applications for existing students CLOSE.
15 SeptemberFirst UTS Elite Athletes or Performers Special Admission Scheme Webinar
22 NovemberSecond UTS Elite Athletes or Performers Special Admission Scheme Webinar
1 DecemberUTS Elite Athlete Program 2022 Scholarship Applications for new students OPEN.


31 JanuaryRe-applications CLOSE for existing UTS EAP scholars.
7 FebruaryApplications CLOSE for the UTS EAP.

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