Partner Scholarships

UTS Sport has established a number of scholarships with key partners as part of the UTS Elite Athlete Program.

The Ross Milbourne Elite Athlete Scholarships

Professor Ross Milbourne, former Vice Chancellor of UTS, has always been extremely supportive of student athletes at UTS. He recognised them as committed individuals who enriched the student population and was in great admiration of their sporting achievements.

In reflection of this, Ross has generously endowed several scholarships to assist student athletes with their sporting and academic journeys at UTS.

Ross Milbourne Elite Athlete Scholarships

Two scholarships worth $10000 each are offered annually, to assist two athletes with support for expenses directly linked to their study. These scholarships are awarded in March.

Ross Milbourne Elite Athlete Travel Award

UTS elite sports scholars who have been chosen to represent Australia will have the opportunity to be nominated for the award and provided financial assistance of $2500 to support international travel that is important to the nominated athlete/s sporting development. This scholarship is awarded in November annually.

For more information on either of the Ross Milbourne Elite Athlete Scholarships, please contact

Athletes on the UTS Elite Athlete Program are eligible to also receive academic based and other scholarships. For more information on opening dates for 2021, eligibility and application process, please visit, or email