Special Admission Scheme

UTS offers a special entry scheme for undergraduate applicants whose education has been affected by elite level training or performing commitments during study relevant for entry to UTS. This scheme affords national level athletes the opportunity to gain 5 adjustment factors on the standard ATAR cutoff for their course.


An applicant will be considered an elite athlete if they have officially represented their school or state at national level competition during Years 11 and 12 or during other studies relevant to their application and your selection to the relevant team was competitive.

UAC application

All Special Admission – Elite Athletes and Performers applicants are also required to submit a UAC application for university admission (as per normal practice). They may also be required to fulfill other requirements such as completing a personal statement. Please ensure that the UTS section of the UAC guide is checked for any requirements related to the courses that are being applied for.

In addition to applying for admission through UAC, an application form must be completed and submitted to UTS with supporting documents from coaches, national sporting bodies and the athlete’s educational institution.

Applications close:

30 November 2020

How to apply:

Applicants can apply online via https://www.uts.edu.au/node/260596/elite-athletes-or-performers

For enquiries and to apply please contact 02 9514 1454 or uts.eap@uts.edu.au

Please note, should the student wish to apply for the UTS Elite Athlete Program, this must be completed separately and only once they have been accepted into a course at UTS.