Elite Athlete Program

A considerable fund has been established by ActivateUTS to provide support to high achievers in a wide range of sporting pursuits.

ActivateUTS supports athletes studying at UTS via the following programs:

  • Elite and Emerging Athlete Program (EAP)
  • High Performance Club Scholarships

Please note: This program is separate to the Elite Athlete and Performers Bonus Scheme. Information on the Bonus Scheme can be found here.

Elite Athlete Program

As a UTS Elite and Emerging Athlete Program scholar, you may receive:

  • Financial assistance in the form of a cash grant, dependant on performance (Elite tier only)
  • Free use of the ActivateFit.Gym gym and consultation and programming services
  • Access to the EAP Private Gym
  • Subsidised fees when competing for UTS in National University Championships
  • Assistance with academic matters via the Elite Athlete Education Network
  • EAP branded training apparel

Click here to view the 2020 Elite Athlete recruitment booklet.

High Performance Club Scholarships

To compliment the extensive benefits provided by the UTS Elite Athlete Program, UTS Sport has partnered with several UTS High Performance sports clubs to provide additional benefits for student athletes competing at a high level for their relevant UTS Sports Club.

UTS Elite Athlete Program applicants for the following sports may be contacted by their relevant UTS Sports Club to discuss their eligibility for further assistance via their club involvement:

For more information, contact the UTS Sport Office on 02 9514 1454 or email highperformancesport@uts.edu.au

Elite Athlete Education Network

UTS is a member of the Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN), which means as an elite student athlete, you will have access to appropriate support services, helping facilitate your academic success.

As a member of the EAEN Network, UTS will attempt to assist athletes in the following areas:

  • Assessment – Assistance with assignment extension requests and defer exam requests
  • Timetable/study planning – Helping to find best fit for sporting and academic commitments
  • Enrolment Assistance
  • Examinations – Assistance negotiating location and supervision arrangements

Additional Scholarships

Justice Family Lawyers Scholarship

Justice Family Lawyers, owned by former UTS EAP athlete and Olympian for Taekwondo Hayder Shkara, has created a scholarship specifically for UTS elite athletes studying law.

The successful recipient is awarded a 6 week internship at Justice Family Lawyers as well as a grant to assist with their academic and sporting pursuits.

Application information will be made available in 2020 Autumn Session.


Key dates


14th February 2020: Applications CLOSE for the UTS EAP

29th June 2020: Mid-Year Applications OPEN for the UTS EAP

10th July 2020: Mid-Year Applications CLOSE for the UTS EAP

How to apply

Please contact uts.eap@uts.edu.au for information.

Current EAP members log into Smartabase here.