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Social Sport

Update: Due to the current lockdown and stay at home orders anounced from the NSW Government. On campus social sport will be postponed.

The Ross Milbourne Sports Hall (RMSH), located in UTS Building 4, will be hosting a number of fun and social sports throughout the year.

The sports are available for all UTS students, staff, the local community and absolutely everyone else!

Expressions of interest are now open!

Be the first to know. Register your interest in Spring Social Sport and we will be in touch once registrations are open.


Mixed Netball


Mixed Futsal


Men’s Futsal


Open Basketball

You can register as a team or individual! See below for prices

Team or Individual Registration Type Cost
Team Public $200
Team Student / Staff $160
Individual Public $40
Individual Student / Staff $30

Register your interest

It’s your opportunity to:

  1. Stay Social
    Stay connected with your local UTS community! You can sign up as part of a team, or as an individual depending on the sport. Best of all, if you don’t already know your team mates or rivals, you can make new friends through social and friendly competition.
  2. Stay Fit 
    While going to the gym or a run is great way to keep active, social sport keeps you fit and agile as you learn the boundaries and rules of each sport. It combines cardio, strength, and mental alertness without you even realising it. So social sport doesn’t just benefit the physical body, you will also develop a positive mind, build your resilience, all without the serious competitive component. Anyone can join, no matter the skill level.
  3. Learn Something New 
    You can choose from a variety of sport ranging from basketball, badminton, netball, futsal and more. The focus is on having fun, giving everyone a fair go and continually learning and improving on your skills. Not only will you learn the rules of the game, you’ll learn and acquire skills such as team work, patience, strategy, rising up from mistakes and even how to lose, graciously of course!

So don’t think any further, and start playing today!
We’re currently setting up the registration page, but you can register your interest here.
We’ll be in contact as soon as registrations are live.

02 9514 9956