The UTS Kendo Club is a club that trains Kendo, the sword fencing martial art that originated in Japan. Kendo translates to "the way of the sword" and through its physical and philosophical elements, we learn to strengthen our mind, body and spirit through every strike. 

The club has over 100 members of all ages and background and regularly trains 3 - 4 times a week at the UTS Ross Milbourne Sports Hall (RMSH). Our trainings are embodied by the club motto of "Shoshin" or beginner's spirit, in which we strive always to challenge ourselves further. 

Representatives of the UTS Kendo Club have gone on to compete at the Australian University Games, the Australian Kendo Championships, Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships, and the World Kendo Championships. 

We warmly welcome anyone who is interested in learning Kendo to please contact us at, check out for details or contact Fudge at the UTS sports office on 02 9514 1891.