Women in Sport

We know that those who engage in sport, be it at a health, recreation or competitive level, have improved mental health, an improved sense of wellbeing, higher levels of energy and happiness and more often than not, have higher levels of achievement both in the classroom and beyond. For so many women, once they leave high school, sport ceases to be an activity they engage with, particularly organised sport. Ensuring women have a group of likeminded people to relate with, can only help contribute to a positive mindset.

– Elizabeth Morgan-Brett, CEO, ActivateUTS and former Sydney Olympian

While UTS has a strong and continued commitment to engaging women on campus, across all areas, including health sport and recreation, there is more that can be done in this area.

ActivateUTS recently conducted its own research into the skills that are developed via participation in co-curricular programs, including sport. We now know that through sport, women can develop key employability skills including resilience, teamwork, effective and assertive communication and leadership. In a hypercompetitive employment market, these critical skills will assist women in breaking through that glass ceiling.

UTS Sport has long committed to equal funding for Sports that engage both men and women and additionally a commitment to funding an Elite Athlete Program for men and women.

Despite this, there is still a gap and as such UTS Sport is proud to announce the Women in Sport (WiS) Program aimed at providing opportunities for and encouraging the participation of women in sport at UTS.

The Program

The program features 5 free and fun sporting events; Ultimate Frisbee, Self Defense, Cricket, Rugby Union, and Dance Workout as well as a movie night throughout August. It is open to all UTS Students and Staff.

UTS Sport also recognises the initiatives from the NSW Government to engage women in sport in their strategic framework (2019-2023); "Her Sport Her Way". They’ve identified that common reasons holding women back from participating including; appearance, ability and priorities.

UTS Sport recognises that it is our responsibility to actively engage women and more than that, develop new pathways to actively engage women. As a result, the WiS Program will focus on three core drivers:


To increase the number of women playing sport by providing a platform and safe space to connect or reconnect those with sporting activities and skills.


To add and equip female students and staff with extracurricular skills such as team work, resilience and confidence.


Develop a forum for women in sport to meet and network with like-minded individuals, share experiences and knowledge.

By committing to the 3 Es, UTS Sport hope to provide the opportunities and facilities for positive lifestyle and fitness changes that will get women moving again.


All participants will receive a free #CHANGEISHERE T-shirt