Women in Sport

ActivateUTS recently conducted research to determine the skills that women develop through participation in co-curricular programs, including sport. We know that through sport, women can develop resilience, teamwork, effective and assertive communication and leadership. In a hypercompetitive employment market, these critical skills will help women in breaking through that glass ceiling.

We know that those who engage in sport, be it at a health, recreation or competitive level, have improved mental health, an improved sense of wellbeing, higher levels of energy and happiness and more often than not, have higher levels of achievement both in the classroom and beyond. For so many women, once they leave high school, sport ceases to be an activity they engage with, particularly organised sport. Ensuring women have a group of likeminded people to relate with, can only help contribute to a positive mindset.

– Elizabeth Morgan-Brett, CEO, ActivateUTS and former Sydney Olympian

UTS Sport has long committed to providing equal sporting opportunities for both women and men, including equal funding for the Elite Athlete and Performers Program. At UTS Sport, we recognise that it’s our responsibility to develop opportunities for, and encourage the participation of, women in sport at UTS.

ActivateUTS’ research discovered that through sport, women can develop resilience, teamwork, effective and assertive communication and leadership. Not to mention, improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

As a result, UTS Sport launched the Women in Sport program last year to enable, encourage, and engage female students to participate in sport at UTS. We’re delighted to bring the program back this year with more sports, sessions, and some brand new trainers!

Women in Sport 2020 Program

The Women in Sport program is designed to create a safe environment for students who identify as female to play social sport whilst learning new skills and getting active in a non-judgemental space.

Whether you’ve never played before or regularly compete, all fitness and skill levels are welcome to participate. Maybe you’ve always wanted to give tennis a shot but didn’t know how to get started? Here’s your chance to learn the basics through a range of free sessions.

All participants will receive a free Women in Sport t-shirt.

COVID-19 Response Update

In light of the recent advice from NSW Health, the Women in Sport program has been postponed until further notice. The Ross Milbourne Sports Hall and Sydney Boys High School facilities will also be temporary closed until further notice.

We will reassess these events on a regular basis and will update students as the situation progresses.